If your looking for high end design and illustration services for your business then look no further. We work with our clients creating business identity (logos, business cards, letterhead), publishing, marketing materials, advertising fulfillment, signage, large format printing artwork, web design, and custom illustration. We serve clients from Puerto Rico to California, Idaho to Australia that all utilize our services in a wide range of capacities. Gone are the days of going down the street to the one print shop in town and settling for whatever they come up with and paying whatever they charge. No matter where your business is located, no matter what your budget is, we have the solutions and experience to help your business look great in the marketplace and succeed.



Established in 2003, Born Invincible Design was created to offer structured services and systems for contracted advertising and design clients in NW Oregon. Expanding to Southern California in 2005, Born Invincible’s diversified clientele grew, ranging from small start up companies looking to outsource marketing collateral, to what now includes government agencies, small businesses, manufacturers and trade partners like marketing/advertising agencies.

Today we work with companies all over the globe. Each year we’ve grown, staying on top of technology advancements and ahead of design trends. If your looking for one-of-a-kind illustration, tailored design, cost effective printing or simple web design solutions than contact us today.


Scott Lakey
I started drawing and painting early on in my life and I excelled in cartooning and creating caricature illustrations. I received formal training in oil painting and various mediums at age ten, and by thirteen had picked up his first spray paint can and was hooked on traditional media. Early art commissions included murals in churches and businesses. After high school, I went on to The Art Institute of Seattle and then later transferred to The Art Institute of Los Angeles where I received my degree. Since college I have worked in various industries including Publishing, Advertising/Marketing, Action Sports, Sign, and Apparel. My daily dose of inspiration comes from my two children Zachariah and Zoey who are the light of my life and the most amazing kids a dad could ever ask for.

Blending passion with imagination has lead to my illustrative style. My education in Seattle and Los Angeles refined my design senses to what they are now. As I grow every day so does my fire for the arts, good design and the love for my family. God’s inspiration is in all that I do and it’s all for his glory.

Scott Lakey Born Invincible Design